Monday, January 22, 2007

Up and running

Well here we are...blogging at long last. I hope others find this site useful as we have spent SOME time setting it up. This will serve to showcase some of our listings as well as other listings that our agency has. We are doing this for a couple of reasons. One is that we are starving real estate agents in a tough market and have families to provide for. Another is that for better or for worse the Internet is becoming the way to disseminate information. In a market such as ours with too many real estate agents it makes sense to partner up and try our best to get as many leads into our agency and to us as possible. We both have the same goals and instead of working against each other, we figured it best to work together. Our site is not meant to get political. It is not meant as a place to vent or badmouth other agents or agencies...simply put it is the best way to get a start at marketing ourselves to the nation. Every week our intent (may not happen this way) is to showcase a listing or two, and to provide commentary on the everyday happenings around the northern Adirondacks as it pertains to real estate. We also will have links to search our local MLS and other links that will better serve the buyer or seller when working with us in the Adirondacks. Your comments are welcome and your opinions are welcome. We hope that we can be of service to you! Please feel free to drop us an email!


David said...

This is a really great idea... finally, a solid source for the real scoop on the best real estate in the Adirondacks!

Patrick said...

Thanks for this amazing real estate blog.

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Lake Placid Real Estate said...

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