Sunday, January 28, 2007

Marry your Realtor...

I often wonder what it takes to be a good, successful realtor. As a realtor, I see myself as a professional; in the field of sales, specializing in real estate properties. I hope that this is the same image that is received by any clients I have had the pleasure of working with.
Is this my own fairytale? Am I in a business of shame and deceit? Am I viewed by the masses as an uneducated, overpaid, schmuck?
I have spent some time recently on a couple different real-estate discussion forums and I seem to be defending the real-estate profession from the first click I post, and usually tend to give up on people who really detest this industry.
I have no doubt they exist, and I have heard stories about bad Realtors. I am not going to spend anytime defending them, that's silly, but every industry has their duds.. right. I have heard that agents are
1) uneducated
2) overpaid
3) lazy
4) and are con artists.
Like I said there are always a couple rotten apples. But let me spend a minute playing defense attorney for myself as a realtor.
1) I have a Bachelors in Elementary Education - so you would think I would be able to deal with these boneheads a little better right...
2) After spending hours traveling to several different properties; finally got an offer; drew up contracts; set up attorneys; got all tax info/maps/contracts to lenders/attorneys/clients; called Park agency about permits; spend 3 hours at structural inspection; change contracts for the 3rd time, and the deal falls apart and they are not moving after all. I earn $0.
3) Doing floor time, viewing open-houses and previews, BPOs, keeping updated on all listings in 3 counties, gathering all the necessary listing info that the owner just doesn't know the answer to, meetings, continuing education classes, listing proposals, Internet advertising.. whens lunch?
4)No comment- like I said there are some bad apples.
OK my rant is over....
I love the entire process of selling real estate. I have a true passion for it and take it personally when people classify all agents as scum and worthless.
I believe that the right agent is PRICELESS.
When you find the right agent whom you trust, he/she is looking to get you set up in the precise home you have described to them, and that is how we sell real estate.
Let us know some of your experiences with Realtors and the things that you found to be especially important with your realtor.


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